Guatemalan Journal : Cari Muschler

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guatemalan Project

Cathie Bleck

This project is the tangible unification of how the ideals of service to humanity can serve as a vehicle to create artworks which inspire to communicate an awareness of those in need, with a focus on healthcare around the world. I believe that when people overcome difficult challenges through the good will of others and education, it is in these experiences that one develops an association with sometimes abstract, symbolic and mythic images that affect positive change.

I have had the honor to collaborate with many wonderful organizations and individuals throughout my 30 year career as an artist. Hope, courage and strength are qualities which have always served as the fuel behind my artwork and it is with this purpose that I decided to create this project in order to create opportunities to collaborate with individuals who through their acts of altruism, unify a stronger thread between all humanity toward a greater purpose.


I'm thrilled to be embarking on this first inspiring inward journey with Cari Muschler, a physical therapy student from Sacred Heart University in CT. She will be going on a service mission to the Pastores, Miguel Lopez region of Guatemala outside of Antigua next month with her university, joining 20 nursing students, 2 other therapy students and 3 professors who will work with patients suffering from musculoskeletal disabilities. They will be facing unique challenges-seeing peraps 30-40 patients a day who are under served and so appreciative in ways that many of us can never feel.

During this trip they will be doing medical evaluations and providing services as well as working to identify, understand and document the key unmet needs of this community so that future trips can be best designed and targeted.

You can follow Cari Muschler's journal in the link above the blog.

I will be creating artworks following the completion of her experience. The artworks will be made into limited edition fine art prints, with exhibitions forthcoming in the next two years.